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She The Bee

Stick and Stitch Embroidery Fall Pack

Stick and Stitch Embroidery Fall Pack

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So easy to use and perfect for adding embroidery to clothing!

Each pack contains 15 unique patterns. Simply peel the sticker backing off and apply to your fabric. Stitch each design through both the paper and your fabric and then immerse in water for a few minutes. This water soluble paper will dissolve, leaving behind your beautiful embroidered work!

Tips for use:

  • use shorter stitches on clothing to prevent loosening or snagging
  • avoid stretchy fabrics as these can distort your finished design
  • if any paper remains after soaking, gently rub away with your hands and run under warm water

Pack does not contain individual stitch instructions but I'm always happy to help- just send me an email!

*scissors not included

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