Garden Memories Stick and Stitch Pack
Garden Memories Stick and Stitch Pack
Garden Memories Stick and Stitch Pack
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Garden Memories Stick and Stitch Pack

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The "Garden Memories" Stick and Stitch Embroidery Pack includes 14 adorable stick on designs featuring animals, botanicals, scissors and one "Bloom" calligraphy quote.

These small stick on designs are perfect for embroidering on clothing, tote bags, pencil cases, pouches, backpacks and anything else you'd like to add a little touch of handmade whimsy too! They are also perfect for creating handmade embroidered Christmas ornaments!

To use these water soluble stick on designs simply:
1. Choose a fabric that has a fairly tight weave and isn't stretchy.
2. Place your fabric in a sturdy embroidery hoop.
3. Peel the backing off of your chosen design.
4. Place your design sticky side down on your hooped fabric.
5. Stitch the design through both the fabric and the water soluble paper.
6. Once you're done stitching, let the stitched area of your fabric soak in warm water for 10-15 minutes.
7. Gently rinse away any remaining water soluble paper.
8. Allow your fabric and stitches to air dry.

These designs DO NOT include any stitching instructions, however if you need any help or guidance please send me a message, I'm happy to help!
It is always best to use short stitches that lie flat such as back stitch, long and short stitch or brick stitch when stitching on apparel, as this will help to ensure your hand embroidery will survive the washing machine! And make sure that your knots are nice and snug to prevent loosening with wear! For high friction areas, I recommend using a fabric backing for clothing to prevent any skin irritation or rubbing!

Please see the listing photos for photos of all of the 14 designs included in your pack!

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